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A "vintage-voiced" delay pedal that became an instant classic.  TC Electronic doesn't disspapoint with the Alter Ego V2.  9 delay models and the ability to custom craft the perfect delay via the TonePrint Editor make this delay pedal an unmistakable champion among digital delay modellers.  And if you get a little overwhelmed by all of the tweaking available in the editor, you can beam a number of artists' signature delay sounds straight to the pedal.  True stereo in/out provides huge three-dimensional tones and advanced features such as Kill-Dry to remove the dry signal path for use with parallel effects loops puts the Alter Ego V2 in a class by itself.  Pedalboard friendly size and cool vibe looks to boot.


Comes with original box and papers (no manual but it can be found online at the TC Electronic website). A couple of blemishes, but in excellent shape. Runs off standard center negative 2.1mm 9v supply (not included) or 9v battery.

TC Electronic Alter Ego V2 Delay