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The Tone-Lok pedals were gone too soon! The CF7 creates shimmering soundscapes, whooshing jet plane sounds, and contemporary "Korny" chirps and blurbs. The schizo "KRAZY" switch lets the CF7 be a conservative Dr. Jekyll with the "NORMAL" mode (classic chorus and flanger). Or you can turn the pedal into the proverbial Mr. Hyde...the "WHACK'D" mode imitates the contemporary (mid 2000s) modulation sounds used by today's phattest rock bands. It's like getting two pedals in one.


Stereo output and all the controls you need help to create the perfect movement for shimmering chord progressions to soaring leads that stand out in the mix.


Runs off standard 9v 2.1mm center negative power supply (not included) or 9v battery.

Ibanez CF7 Chorus/Flanger